9 Mistakes you Should Avoid While Driving on the Road

Many new drivers commit nonsense mistakes while driving their vehicles. Always remember that your life is precious. Your vehicle is your asset and your money values a lot. Avoid these 9 mistakes while driving your vehicle in Dubai. Contact Trusted Chauffeur to book experienced pickup and drop off drivers at affordable rates.

1# Do not use mobile phones:

Using mobile phones is the worst habit of drivers worldwide. Using mobile phones divert your attention. Focus is the key to drive safely on the roads. You have to face severe consequences using a mobile phone while driving. The safer drivers in Dubai maintain traffic rules while driving your vehicle.



2# Do not overtake other cars:

Do not be in a hurry to overtake other cars. In case, you want to overtake other cars, monitor different parameters such as the speed of your car, the speed of the cars at the back, and the speed of the car you are about to overtake. Otherwise, you will get sandwiched between two cars and damage your vehicle.


3# Avoid over-speeding:

Over-speeding is the most common reason for accidents across the globe. Avoid over-speeding and save your life. The safer drivers in Dubai maintain the allowed speed limits in residential zones, urban zones, and on the highways to avoid accidents.


4# Use signals while turning your vehicle:

Many drivers turn their vehicles without using indicators. Many accidents occur because opponent drivers find no time to control speed. Turning on indicators give time to drivers to keep a safe distance and control the speed to avoid accidents.


5# Do not drive too closely behind:

Tailgating is the most irritating and dangerous habit of drivers. Tailgating can prove extremely dangerous when the other vehicle stops suddenly. Always try to stay at least 2 seconds away from the vehicle in front of you to avoid collisions.


6# Understand blind spots:

Be aware of the blind spots while crossing the lanes. You can collide with the other vehicle ignoring blind spots. Use rear-view and front-view mirrors while switching the lanes. The safe drivers in Dubai observe area and traffic before making any decision on the road.


7# Do not speed through a yellow light signal:

Speeding through a yellow light creates a haphazard situation for other drivers who have the green signal. Diverting vehicles from left to right or forward and backward can cause serious harm. Obviously, a traffic police officer will catch you red-handed and put you in jail.


8# Follow traffic signals:

Never try to skip red or yellow lights especially when there are no cops around you. Many digital cameras are installed on the side of roads that can put you in great trouble. The safe drivers in Dubai understand all traffic signals to save you from severe injuries.


9# Always park at the right place:

Many drivers park their vehicles in areas convenient for them. They do not bother whether or not it is allowed for parking. The parking authorities can spot illegally parked vehicles in just a few minutes and tow your vehicle. Moreover, you have to pay hefty fines to take it back.



Top 7 Reasons your Company Needs a Corporate Driver

If you are a businessman, you have to travel anywhere at any time. Might be you are running a big team. Your managers or other staff members need driving services as well. Sometimes you are looking for a decent driver who can drive your office bus to pick up or drop your dedicated staff members. Sometimes you need a driver who can drive your car. It helps you to spare time from your busy schedule to prepare your presentation.

In this article, I will explain the top 7 reasons to hire a designated driver for your corporate meetings.

1# convenient service:

The corporate driver services are always convenient to get than taxicabs or Uber. It gives you the freedom to wait for a ride. You can be picked up or dropped off at your location in a hassle-free environment without wasting time.

2# designated drivers:

The safer drivers in Dubai know the game of corporate transport very well. They are efficient and punctual. They know how to meet deadly deadlines. They have proper knowledge of the locality. Not only it gives you peace of mind but also saves your time.

3# reduce your stress:

Are you going to attend a corporate meeting? Are you stuck in the traffic? Still, you have not reviewed the main points of the presentation. It will give you stress. You can avoid this situation by getting corporate driver services. Sit back and relax!

4# cheaper services:

Hiring safer drivers in Dubai is an affordable service. The driving companies like Safe Driver offer competitive deals for hiring corporate drivers. The prices are comparatively lower than taxicabs or Uber service. Book your corporate driver today.

5# provide security:

Safe Driver in Dubai provides excellent security by gathering a team of professional drivers. The companies make sure that their drivers are trusted, certified, and professional. They have tracking and screening systems to monitor your security. As drivers are licensed, this service is super reliable.

6# no worries about parking:

Sometimes you get late for a meeting while finding the right place to park your vehicle. It leaves a bad impression on your clients. When you hire corporate drivers they do this for you. Leave parking stress on your designated driver while going for a meeting.

7# save time:

When you book a safe driver in Dubai, it saves your time. In corporate sector ‘’Time is Money’’ and money is the essence of success rate. Hiring sober drivers increases your productivity level by reducing stress. In short, it saves your time.

Wrapping up:

Leave a good impression on your clients by hiring a corporate driver. The corporate drivers have made shuttling simple, efficient, and cost-effective for you. Besides being cheap, the most important benefit is that corporate drivers let you work while on-the-go. Now the decision is up to you. Might be your staff members are losing productivity for not having a corporate driver. If you are looking for a corporate drive, you can contact Safe Driver to meet your requirements. Boost your productivity and efficiency!

Benefits of Hiring a Sober Driver in Dubai For a Safe and Comfortable Journey

Suppose it is 3 in the morning. You have a flight. Many things are scattered and you are already late. You have to arrange your files in your suitcase. You need someone to drive your car. What will do? Calling a friend has never been a good option. Instead, you can call a safe driver to drive your vehicle.

Finding the route is not a big challenge in Dubai but hiring a driver in Dubai is. In this article, you will learn the benefits of hiring a designated driver in your town.

Peace of mind:

Having peace of mind is important for every passenger. Sometimes you are going to attend a wedding party. You are dressed up and do not want to drive. Similarly, you are going to a business meeting with a lot of things to be arranged. Do not take stress. The sober drivers give you peace of mind by driving your car.

All-time availability:

Many international flights land in Dubai late at night. People need a trusted and reliable driver who can take them home to or hotel safely. The sober drivers are available 24x7x365 days. The companies make sure that they have sufficient manpower to entertain their clients. It does not matter whether it is early morning or late at night, drivers are all time available for you.

No need for booking expensive taxicabs or Uber services:

Booking a ride on Uber or hiring taxicabs cost you more than hiring a designated driver. If you have your car, prefer to hire a driver rather than hiring a cab. The charges are inclusive of all taxes without hidden charges. If you do not have sufficient knowledge of the locality, taxi or Uber drivers take advantage of it by charging you extra money.

Protection of your belongings:

As drivers in Dubai are hired after an extensive screening system, there is no risk of scams. You can claim the company for any wrongdoing. Your belongings such as wallet, suitcase, purse, precious items, or anything else is perfectly protected while riding with a driver. Even if you are drunk do not think of it. You can improve your security by adding hidden cameras in your car. That’s a trick!

Certified drivers:

When you call a company to send a designated driver for you, they respect your queries. The drivers are licensed by the Dubai Road and Traffic Authority. It means they are trained and expert. They know how to drive your car. No matter whether it is old or new, they are trained enough to drive smoothly. Get relaxed, your car is in safe hands.

Deal with traffic:

Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road, Emirates Bypass road, E11, and many other roads in Dubai are always jam-packed with heavy traffic. If you want to be on time, what will you do? The safe drivers know which one is the quickest, safest, and smoothest route to reach your destination on time. Meanwhile, you have ample time to relax.

Always Hire a Designated Driver for After Party Pickup when you are Drunk!

Dubai is my second home. Being an artist I love performing here. The fun and enjoyment at night parties and events attract me a lot. I love spending time with my friends. But I hate something about parties and night clubs. I hate driving while drunk. I hate paying heavy fines. I cannot rely on friends. They make blunders more than I am.

Sometimes I have to wait for 12 hours in my friend’s apartment to get back home after drinking in the party. He is suffering from epilepsy and never drinks. Thanks to John for helping me. Once I decided to book a sober driver for after party pick up. I was leaving for a party. Suddenly, I came through the website of Safe Driver and I made my mind to book a drive from them.

I made a call to their representative and share my details with them. I was feeling very relaxed. It was 2:30 am when my party ended. The designated driver arrived at my shared location at the exact time for after party pick up. I was totally unconscious. I handed over my car’s key to him, put on my coat, and sat in the back seat of my car. Additionally, the driver helped me to get in the car with all my belongings.

My apartment was almost 25 minutes away from Sensation Club. Probably an accident happened on Sheikh Zayed Road. The road was blocked was the police and ambulances. Without wasting a single minute, the expert driver turned the car and adopted an alternative path. Only a professional driver with sufficient knowledge of locality can adopt the best route for you in the hour of need.

The ride was safe and comfortable. I was free from the fear of being robbed or stolen. The designated driver was responsible and sensible. He was driving smoothly. The most important thing that attracted them was their integrity and certification. My driver was verified by the company. On my claim, they shared his details with me at the time of bookings.

Now I think hiring a sober driver for party pick up and drop is the best way to enjoy it thoroughly. My driver had the best communication skills and treated me in a VIP manner. Last but not least, he drove my car with responsibility. No rash driving and no misuse of fuel. He treated my car as if he were driving his own car. Exactly after 27 minutes, I reached my apartment safe and sound.

Their rates were inclusive of all kinds of taxes. I was not carrying a credit card with me. I opened my wallet and gave him 70AED for going from Sensation Club in Crowne Plaza Dubai to get back to my apartment.  I think it is quite an affordable and reliable service. I highly recommend Safe Driver to all my friends who need professional drivers to pick up and drop service after being drunk. Hats off to that professional, sober, and designated driver!