How to Book a Safe Driver in Dubai


Booking a safe driver in Dubai is a convenient option for individuals who prefer not to drive themselves or require assistance with transportation. Whether you need a driver for a few hours or an entire day, there are several reliable services available. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to book a safe driver in Dubai.

-Research reputable driver services: Start by researching reliable and well-known driver services in Dubai. Look for companies with positive reviews and a good track record of providing safe drivers.

Check driver qualifications: Ensure that the driver service you choose has a rigorous screening process for their drivers. They should conduct background checks, verify driving licenses, and have strict hiring standards.

-Contact the driver service: Once you’ve identified a few driver services, reach out to them either through their website, app, or phone number.

-Provide necessary details: When making a booking, be prepared to provide the necessary information. This may include your name, contact details, pick-up location, desired time, and any special instructions or requests.

-Verify driver credentials: Before confirming your booking, ask the driver service to provide you with the driver’s name and identification details. Verify these details when the driver arrives to ensure they are the designated driver.

-Discuss the route and instructions: If you have specific instructions or a preferred route, communicate them to the driver before the journey begins.

Handsome man driving a car and working as a rideshare driver during the coronavirus pandemic

-Monitor the driver’s behavior: During the ride, pay attention to the driver’s behavior and adherence to traffic rules. If you notice any concerns or violations, address them immediately and consider terminating the service if necessary.

-Provide feedback: After the ride, provide feedback to the driver service about your experience. This can help them improve their services and ensure they maintain high safety standards.

-Research and Identify Trusted Service Providers:

Start by researching and identifying reputable service providers in Dubai that offer safe driver services. Look for companies with good reviews, a strong track record, and positive customer feedback. Some well-known service providers in Dubai include Careem, Uber, and Dubai Taxi Corporation.

-Determine Your Requirements:

Assess your specific requirements before booking a safe driver. Consider factors such as the duration of the service, the number of passengers, and any additional requirements you may have, such as language proficiency or knowledge of specific areas.

-Choose the Appropriate Booking Method:

Depending on the service provider, there are usually different methods available for booking a safe driver. The most common options include mobile applications, websites, or direct phone calls. Choose the booking method that suits you best and proceed accordingly.

-Mobile Application Booking:

If you prefer using a mobile application, download the relevant app from your smartphone’s app store. Register or sign in to create an account. Enter your pickup location, drop-off location, and preferred time for the service. Select the “Safe Driver” or similar option from the menu. Verify your payment method and confirm the booking.

-Website Booking:

If you prefer booking through a website, visit the official website of the service provider. Enter your pickup and drop-off locations, along with the desired time and date. Look for the “Safe Driver” or similar option and proceed to book. Provide your payment details and confirm the booking.

-Phone Booking:

If you prefer booking over the phone, find the customer service contact details for the service provider. Call the designated number and provide the required information to the representative. They will guide you through the booking process, including pickup and drop-off locations, service duration, and payment details. Confirm the booking with the representative.

-Payment and Confirmation:

After booking, you will typically receive a confirmation message via the app, website, or email.