How Slow Driving is dangerous than Speeding?

Do you know that slow driving is more dangerous than fast driving?  When you think of dangerous driving, it’s common that fast driving or reckless driving gets to your mind.  Its right speeding is risky and responsible for accidents, but slow driving is a much bigger risk than it is considered.

Dubai traffic officials charge 400 AED and 4 back points on slow driving.  Also, worst slow driving can lead to imprisonment for one or two months depending upon the severity of the traffic laws violation. Driving slowly than the speed limit causes confusion and disturbs the other drivers. As well as it causes a disturbance in a traffic flow which makes problems for other drivers behind the wheels.

Slow Driving & Traffic Accidents

Drivers must have knowledge that each action on road directly affects the other vehicles around them. If you know you are a slow driver the best is to drive in the slow lane which is usually on the right side of the multilane road. Also, if you notice a car approaching you which intends to pass, you must slow down further to let it pass easily and safely.

Sometimes slow drivers don’t even know that they have created so much disturbance and confusion around them. Driving too slowly constantly force other drivers to brake or speed up which is reckless driving. Such reckless driving led to worst-case accidents. Driving slow compel the other driver to overtake very often which is also very risky on high traffic roads. In such a case, if an accident happens the passing driver is mostly to blame, although the main disturbance was caused by slow drivers.

Moreover, driving too slowly cause the whole traffic movement to slow. Hence, there is a chance of the worst traffic jams and eventually inclement accidents. For preventing car crashes the most important factors are drivers’ common sense and driving practice. Always one should adapt to the current road traffic and other drivers’ driving pattern.

Who Drives Slow on Road?

There are different reasons why people drive slowly. Sometimes time they drive slow due to their habit while sometimes they do it unintentionally. Following are all the reasons discussed in detail

Distracted Drivers

distracted driving

This is the most common cause of driving slow on highways. Driving while busy on a call, make the mind split to work on multitasking simultaneously. The human mind is not created to work on more than one task at a time. Hence, the human brain got unfocused on driving while on call, which unintentionally causes the driver to slow down.

Student or fresh drivers

slow driving risks

Fresh drivers usually got nervous on high-traffic roads. Their confusion is also one of the reasons they drive slowly to avoid accidents, but unfortunately slow driving itself is among the reasons behind road accidents. For fresh or student drivers the preferred lane is the right slow lane to avoid traffic jams pack and distress on road.

Senior citizen

slow driving risks

Old citizens usually drive slower than young drivers due to a lack of vision and other health conditions. Also,  old ager also thinks driving slow is safe, but this makes the situation worst in reality. Driving slowly is good in some circumstances and as well as you are driving in the slow lane. However, moving slowly in the fast lane is a dangerous and life-threatening practice. For, senior the slow lane is recommended for driving.



Rubbernecking is strictly banned in Dubai and has a high fine. It is another reason behind the car crashing. Most tourists rubberneck while driving to fascinate by the surrounding view. If you want to enjoy the scene, then it best is to hire a chauffeur service for you. In this way, you can have safe and comfortable traveling without causing other drives to distress too.

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The conditions where you can drive slowly:

Slow driving is life-threatening on highways but in some cases, you can drive under the limits.  These moments are as follows

  • Harsh weather conditions like heavy rain or snow
  • Near school or government institutes
  • Near construction sites
  • Road near forest to avoid an accident on a sudden animal appearance on the road
  • Near railway track
  • When there is a traffic jam due to any reason