Dubai traffic rules A complete guide for tourist

Important Dubai Traffic Laws Every Tourist must Know

UAE is a beautiful country with amazing artificial places as well as natural scenes. It is also popular among tourists for many decades. The visitors come to Dubai day in, day out to enjoy the cityscape. Therefore, it is necessary to know the Dubai traffic rules if you are driving the car yourself to avoid the Dubai police.

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Dubai has abundant scenery to view like deserts, mountains, seaside, luxury shopping malls, beautiful architecture, sensational night light, and an artificial island. But before getting on the wheel to feel the aesthetic sight. Read the Dubai traffic rules to promise a safe drive.

Driving license Law in Dubai:

Dubai traffic rules

You can ride a car in the United Arab Emirates if you are 18 years old.  Yet you need to be 21 years old or above to rent a car in Dubai. Furthermore, tourists can drive in UAE with their international license. However, to rent a car in Dubai or any other city you must have an international driving license and credit card.

Moreover, if you are settling in Dubai permanently, you can convert your international license to a UAE license.  For the transfer, the acceptable countries include European countries, the USA, Canada, the UK, turkey, and Arab countries excluding Syria and Iraq, Ireland. If your driving license is in any other language than English and Arab, you need to translate it into either language. Besides the above countries, other countries’ residents must take UAE licenses by giving tests.

Driving license validation:

The first driving license is valid for one year for national and international citizens below 21 years.

Above 21 years old the first license is valid for 2 years for all nationals.

After renewal, it is valid for 10 years for national and Gulf countries’ citizens while 5 years for other nationals.

Note: Punishment for driving in absence of license Emirates will lead to AED 5000 plenty along with three months jaildom. 

Dubai traffic rules for seat belts:

Dubai traffic laws

A seat belt is mandatory for all the passengers in the car either on the front or back seats. A seat belt is a safety measure for the passengers and must adapt its habits. Further for below 5-year-old kids, you must have a child safety seat otherwise Dubai police will charge you heavy fines. Moreover, the front seat traveler must be 5.7 cm in height and above 10 years.

Note: In case you violate any law, you will be charged 400 AED  and 4 points aplenty.

Reckless driving:

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The most dangerous driving is reckless driving. It not only endangers the driver’s life but also the other travelers’ lives too. Therefore, its punishment is more than other rule-breaking. Reckless driving includes driving a car without a number plate, taking too much overtaking, drifting, speeding in the slow lane, slowing in the fast lane, and crowding around accidents. Other things you should abstain from include gesturing to other drivers to move or take a side even if you are extremely upset or in hurry. Such actions are considered rude in Dubai and another driver can complain about you to the Dubai police. In addition, you must avoid peeping the accidents. If there is no one around the accident premises pull over your car off the road, call the ambulance or Dubai police helpline, and then move on. Try not to stay there for long as it can cause you plenty.

Note: The fine charge for the above laws disobeying is AED 2000 and 23 points plenty along with 60 days of vehicle confiscation. 

Driving under the influence:

dubai traffic laws

Dubai’s law for drunk driving is very strict and Dubai police have no tolerance for such drivers. Also, if you are under the influence of any other drug that is prohibited in Dubai, its consequences are the same as drunk driving. If you are under the influence of drugs due to any reason, the best for you is to hire the safe drivers of Dubai’s best chauffeurs. If you don’t know about chauffeurs here read the 5 Ways to Distinguish Chauffeur From Driver, it will clear your concept.

Note: Person accused of Driving drunks levy is AED 20K along with the jail.

Dubai driving rules for Speeding:

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The speed limit in Dubai for highways is 90-120km/hour while for residential areas is  50- 80 km/ hour. Dubai roads have many security cameras and speed cameras and will catch you in no time. Therefore, in any situation that is compelling you to Overspeed try to stay calm and drive within speed limits. Also, the Dubai police are very active and do regular monitoring of speeding.

Note: unfollowing this rule fine your 300 – 3k AED with vehicle detaining for 2 months. It will result in a deduction of 20- 23 points as well.

Ignoring traffic signals:

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Rider of any type of vehicle breaking the signal will be charged 1k AED, 12 back points, and car holding for a month.

Distracted Driving:

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It involves using a mobile, peeping around, and taking cigarettes. Likewise other laws breakage this rule violation also led to a fine charge of 400-800 AED and 4 point plenty.

Parking Law:

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It is very important to know where to park and where not in Dubai. Because if you do a slight mistake in parking you get plenty by Dubai police. So here are where you don’t have to park your car

  • on footpaths
  • on highways roadsides
  • premises where traffic will jam
  • on loading areas
  • in ambulance parking site
  • roads left side where parking is prohibited
  • illegally parking on other premises

Note: fine for bad parking is from 500-1k AED.

Miscellaneous unlawful Acts:

  • Driving in the breakdown lane
  • Driving too close to other vehicles
  • Throwing waste on roads
  • Driving without insurance
  • Driving expired car or tires
  • Steering noisy car
  • Driving  ATVs on highways