The Misconceptions About Chauffeur, Customers Really Need to Know

5 Ways to Distinguish Chauffeur From Driver

A chauffeur is a driver who is hired to drive an employer’s personal vehicle. The chauffeur steers any vehicle, but the trend is for lavish cars like a limousine, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, and many more.

Mostly the chauffeur was the personal driver of car owners but now people hire them from chauffeur service provider companies. This provides an advantage over personal drivers as the prices are less. Also, you can hire a chauffeur for your desired period, and you don’t have to pay them for a whole month like the private drives. Besides pricing the most important of all is chauffeurs are experienced, licensed, trustworthy, and professionally trained drivers.


The chauffeur is basically a French term that means stroker. In old days the vehicle especially trains and sea ships were powered with steam. The fuel needed preheating to start the engine. This work was the duty of the stroker, so the term chauffeur originates. Also, the chauffeur had to maintain the vehicle when it broke, so he had to be the mechanic too.

Even today chauffeur is the complete package for you. They fulfill clients’ every need such as security, hotel and restaurant reservation, shopping drive, and your kids’ school driver service.

Do You Know the Difference Between a Chauffeur and a Driver?

A driver can be anyone who drives a car. The drivers mostly have their personal cars. The driver provides the cab or taxi facility. But unlike drivers, chauffeurs are not personal car drivers. Rather they drive your car and provide only driver service to you.

Following we elaborate on the difference between a driver and a chauffeur. We are sure this article will clear your concept. Here are the tips on how to hire a chauffeur service in Dubai.

1.     Anyone Can Be a Driver

A driver is anyone whose job is to operate a car and take you from one point to other. On the contrary, the chauffeur is hired to drive your private car. For instance, the cab and taxi service will allocate any driver to you. They hire anyone with a driving license, who is at least above 21 years. In contrast, chauffeur service will provide you specific driver and you can choose the one you want. Besides driving the chauffer, they are responsible for many other services which will be discussed later.

2.     What Vehicles Do Drivers and Chauffeurs Drive?

Chauffer like its fancy name rides only fancy, luxurious cars. The rich people like business owners, politicians, corporates commonly acquire the chauffeur service to keep their honor and repute. On the other hand, drivers drive standard vehicles like taxis or vans.

Note: If you don’t have a lavish car, you can get it from the chauffeur companies.

3.     Customer Service priorities

A driver’s priority is only to take the customer to its designation. He usually works for the money. However, chauffer always gives precedence to customer services. His services besides driving clients to destiny include car maintenance, holding bag during shopping, carrying customer luggage to hotels and airports, taking care of client kids, security of passengers. The chauffeur’s preference is to give a comfortable and safe ride to keep the customer happy.

Our dubai chauffeur service provides the following services

  •  After Party Pick Up
  • Corporate Driver
  • Car Pick & Drop
  • RTA Vehicle Testing
  • Airport Transfer
  •  Special Events
  • Business Meetings
  • Weddings and/or Special Occasions
  • Sporting Events
  • Concerts

4.     Drivers and Chauffeurs Personality Difference

The persona of a chauffeur is completely distant from drivers. The drivers do the casual dressing and have no training about driving etiquette, no car doors opening and closing behaviors and no proper car maintenance as well as no passion for customer service.

Unlike drivers, the chauffeur is professional all time. Moreover, they have qualities such as being well-dressed and groomed, always on time, clean and tidy, driving etiquettes, Car etiquette – Opening doors, entering and leaving the car, Positive attitude, and approach. Most important of all they have commitment and interest in customer service.

5.     Training difference of Drivers and Chauffeurs

Driver and chauffer have one thing in common and that is both hold licenses. However, the driver after the license has no further training. On the contrary chauffeurs have regular training about up-to-date traffic laws and regulations, security awareness, events alertness, geographic apprehension.

10 Road Accident Reasons Drivers must Avoid

Road Accident Reasons That Drivers Must Avoid

Road accident means when a vehicle collides with other vehicles, animals, or plants. In spite of the advancement in-vehicle tech, Road collisions are escalating progressively due to several reasons. Accordingly, the death rate is accelerating, thousands of deaths and millions of injuries are reported each year. Hence Today we review the most common road accident reasons for road crashes. So, you can avoid them and become a safe driver.

1.      Road Accident Reasons Due To Human Error:

·         Distracted Driving

 Road Accident Reasons: Distracted driver

The most common road accident reason is distracted driving. Accordingly, about 90% of road crashes are due to driver distraction. Recently human obsession with mobile is the main reason for diversion during driving and thus distracted driving escalates. The human mind is amazing but still, it can not concentrate on more than one thing simultaneously. Therefore, while driving you should avoid texting, calling, eating, reading signboards.

·         Drunk Driving

 Road Accident Reasons drunk driver


In Dubai, drunk driving is strictly prohibited. Therefore road accidents hardly happen due to this reason. Even the few cases reported per year are due to violations of the driving drunk rule. Drugs cause senseless sensations in humans and thus improper thinking results in crashes. However, with the traffic education to drivers, the drunk driving cases are waning. If you are drunk better option is to hire a driver or take a cab. Safe-Driver in Dubai is a reputed company that provides the best chauffeur service. In the above case, you can hire our professional driver at a competitive rate.

·         Over Speeding

 Road Accident Reasons over speeding

Over speeding mostly end with death. Driver speeds up because of getting late, empty road, and sometimes on purpose. Such habits are responsible for speeding-related accidents. Again, the death rate due to overspeeding is almost 100%. Thus, it is encouraged to calm yourself before such situations to avoid accidents.

·         Reckless Driving

Reckless driving is another reason behind road accidents. Most young drivers do reckless driving. Reckless driving means taking too much overtaking, driving close to other cars while speeding, not following the safety measure as well as racing on high traffic roads. This needs special training and education for young drivers to overcome reckless driving accidents problems. Also, wearing a seat belt and helmet by bike riders can prevent major injuries.

·         Fatigue

Exhaustion due to overworking, less sleeping, long driving cause improper brain working. Thus, lead to horrible accidents. One should take proper sleep before driving. As well as you can keep a driver if you do over timing job. Besides, you can also book the safe- driver,  car pickup, and drop-off service.

Check also Tips To Choose Best Chauffeur Services in Dubai.

·         Insufficient Driver Knowledge

Driving without a driving license and proper driving training is also dangerous and responsible for the worst accidents.

2.      Traffic Accidents Due To Other Factors:

Sometimes even the driver abides by all traffic rules and safety precautions but still accidents happen. This is because of different factors which lead to accidents. Following are such reasons discuss you must have the knowledge to be safe while on the drive.

·         Weather Conditions

 Road Accident Reasons weather conditions


Different weathers like rainy or snowy conditions are the main rationale for crashes. While having such circumstances drive slow to avoid slipping. Similarly, during the smog weather condition avoid driving or driving very slowly and avoid closeness to other vehicles. Moreover, if you’re driving, and weather conditions become worst. Then pull over the car and wait until the weather gets better.

·         Road Conditions

Bad road conditions are the reason for collision mostly in under developing countries. However, the roads in developing countries are better still, some areas are unprivileged. Road crashes are often in unprivileged areas. The main road conditions responsible for accidents include potholes, uneven roads, slippery roads, narrow roads, and many more. Driving carefully and proper maintenance of road can decline road worst crashes.

 Road Accident Reasons road conditions


·         Vehicle Defects

Vehicles have many parts; some are visible and can be easily checked and maintained. While some parts are beneath other parts. Therefore, cannot be daily maintained and checked.  Thus, collapsing of such parts in the middle of driving causes slipping around the corners. Also, vehicles bump into other vehicles on high traffic roads. You must regularly check the vehicle a month or couple of months later.

·         Improper Traffic Signs

Rarely road accident is due to irresponsible highway authorities. This includes the improper installment of traffic signs, malfunctioning traffic lights, absence of zebra crossing where needed. In such conditions, the drivers are helpless to avoid accidents. Strick check and balance is the only possible solution for above mention flaws to prevent human life from wasting.