What to do when your car broke down in Dubai?

You will never want that your car broke down in Dubai on the busiest highways. However, such mishaps happen even if we don’t want them. So, in such a situation, it is necessary to be aware of what to do next? To avoid further accidents and life loss. First prior to the car breaking down while driving you should always take routine car maintenance checks as an obligation. In this way, it decreases the chances of getting broken down cars on the mid roads.

Note: The plenty for cars breaking down in Dubai is 500 Dharam.

Car broke down while driving: What to do next?

Follow the following steps to quickly pull off from the emergency.

Hazard lights:

First and foremost, the thing you should do is instantly turn on your car hazard lights. This helps the coming traffic aware of emergencies and prevent accidents.

Stay Calm

Don’t panic, stay calm as much as you can.  So, this helps you to take keen sight of the current scenario and take precaution measures in a better manner.

Cautiously pullover

Now slow down your speed and take the right side of the road to the right shoulder and pull over there. If you are not on the highway then pull over at parking if possible or right side away from the road. Make sure to move slowly and don’t brake as it’s consequent in accidents and traffic blocks.

Keep safety signs

If possible, keep the alarming sign on road behind your broken-down car at least 40- 50 meters. Also, if you don’t have warning cones or triangles then lift the car hood or put a white cloth on the radio antenna or on the roof rack. So, the incoming traffic and Dubai police know the emergency and assist you.

Find out the Problem and Fix

Finally, when you take every precaution measure, then calmy sought out the reason of your car broken down. If the reason is minor damage and you can fix it, do it quickly by using emergency tools.  Make sure not to take more time to problem sort out.

Car broke down who to call

If you are not an expert in mechanical work or the car has broken down due to a major fault. In such a case call the roadside assistance immediately. The government roadside assistance number is 999. However, if you have car insurance that covers roadside assistance. Then you can call the insurance company’s emergency assistance number. But if you have no Insurance then you can call different private professional roadside assistance companies for help.

Common Vehicle breakdown reasons in Dubai

The following are the most common reasons behind roadside emergencies in Dubai.


Temperature is one of the main factors behind many problems which eventually result in vehicle breakdown. The hot temperature overheats the vehicle engine and burns it. Too much overheating can also lead to an engine fire. If you saw smoke out of the engine pull over and let the car cool down. Also always keep the coolant in your car while driving in Dubai.

Car radiator

Car radiator leakage or pipe bursting is also another reason for the breakdown of vehicles.

Flat tires

Another vehicle breakdown reason is flat tires. Tires flats either due to expired/ poor tires or hot climate. Always keep an extra tire along with a jack, tire stopper, and lug wrench in your car for an emergency. Moreover, use the best quality tire with the capabilities of high speed, load, and long-distance tolerance.

Empty fuel tank

It is not a common problem but still sometimes due to carelessness it becomes a reason for an emergency. Make sure to keep extra fuel with you. If you don’t have then roadside assistance also provides fuel-providing service.

What to check in routine car maintenance check?

Here are a few main points that you should daily inspect before driving. Hence this routine check will prevent a regular breakdown.

  • Check the coolant, brake fluids, oil level, and fuel.
  • Also, check the AC filters and AC compressor gas daily.
  • Take a view of the engine for mechanical faults.
  • Check the tires for bad condition and air.
  • Service your car at least once a month from a professional.